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Customer Guide : How to choose the size of the bag ?

We are unique because we are different . Hence, what is good for one is not necessarily fit another. In today's installment of the series how to choose a bag to pay attention to the shape and size.

Purse badly chosen , as well as clothing, will look bad and make that we will not present itself favorably.

If you have the comfort that the size of the bag does not depend on the time of its content or situation requires a specific type ( clutch ) , let's look at ourselves , we define the type of its construction , and from that start with the choice purses .

Mature people should look for bags of small or very large . Clutch draws attention to a slender build , XXL edition handbags, by contrast , highlight the fragile shapes . Look for handbags rounded , otherwise you look too angular . With such a structure should pay attention to the increase . Low women should select the versions of small bags as large bags will be for them too massive. High ladies handbags can with short , wide stripes.

Lord of ordinary shapes should choose between bags of medium or large size . Avg bag fits perfectly, since it is fitted to the body. A large handbag slender silhouette. Paying attention to the shape of the bag took the form of a rounded square or rectangle.

Women fluffy, whose aim is to divert attention from the figure, should choose their handbags among those with a large number of applications , pendants. Suitable shapes for them this long, or large. Facial features wysmukli us a long rectangular handbag , large and can optically zoom size.

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