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Customer Guide : Leather Care

Facing the skin should be cleaned with a hair brush or rub gently with a sponge or cloth soaked . For maintenance pastes and creams are used to natural leather color compatible with the product , or special foam cleaning, with the least amount of synthetic additives on the feeding of not dry out the skin and effectively remove dirt. Natural leather breathable - they breathe , so resistance to penetration and the effect of other atmospheric factors can be increased by using the paste wax resin . If you want to get an elegant luster pastes are recommended fluid .

Leather crazy horse and buffalo also clean the hair brush or lightly moistened sponge. The skin should be well maintained primarily fats such as Crazy Oil or grease for shoes , or mild creams , all of which are absorbed . Please note that these are oily skin , so do not use any self-shining or containing silicone compounds . Before servicing the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and void of dust and dry at room temperature. During maintenance preparations natłuszczającymi skin naturally dims .

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