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Canvas & leather bags

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ESCAPE™ Canvas shoulder Bag

310.00 zł

Producer price: 225.00

Shipment:10 days
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fashionable backpack. Bag made of thick cotton canvas combined with thick calfskin.

The bag is made of thick cotton canvas combined with natural leather. The interior is lined and contains a partition and one pocket closed with zippers and two open pockets. The bag is closed with a zip and additionally with a leather flap, fastened at the front with snaps.
Color: coffee, blue

Material: thick cotton cloth + calfskin

Dimensions (LxHxW): 33x 28.5x12 cm (+/- 2 cm)

Weight: 0.7 kg

Wearing: on the shoulder, on the back, in the hand

Interior: lining. zip pockets, open slots

Outdoor: shoulder straps, shoulder strap, zipper closure, pocket

Additions: metal

Materiał płotno bawełna + skóra nat.

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Materiał płotno bawełna + skóra nat.
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9.'MAIL' Canvas & Leather shoulder Bag, unisex

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MARK I VINTAGE™ Vintage Canvas leather shoulder bag
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Materiał płotno bawełna + skóra nat.
357.00 zł koszyk,powiedz, 110

MARK I VINTAGE™ Vintage Canvas leather shoulder bag

357.00 zł

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