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Customer Guide: genuine leather

Deciding to buy leather products , extremely important to know the common types of natural leather .

Leather products - both shoes and all kinds of leather goods - usually marked with a distinctive stamp , proving the fact that we are dealing with genuine leather . But this is not the rule , because it is always better to find out in the shop with what material is made of a thing .

Among these skins are distinguished true - that is, natural leather and so . PU leather , or synthetic materials.

Smooth skin are:

    Facing the skin

Rough skin are:


Leather tile

respectively skins , basic and most natural variety of real leather. It is characterized by a unique character and visual qualities and durability and mechanical resistance . A decent leather handbag , shoes , wallet and other leather items - course properly nurtured - they can serve us for many years . Facing the skin - depending on the finish - can be glossy or matte . They can be quite smooth or additionally decorated . Usually have natural flaws , blemishes and varied texture - typical of a natural product which has not been artificially .


usually split pigskin or cowhide , it is really a by-product , resulting in the production of grain leather . Skin prior to processing, is often too thick and therefore it is cut into layers . First , the top layer, this leather tile, the rest are split . They are characterized by lower mechanical strength and inferior aspects of the visual . Often, however , the additional uszlachetnieniu and processing, they take external features that resemble a more expensive and better grain leather.


is properly treated skin rough. Usually formed by machining the inner side of the so-called skin . the flesh . Sheepskin is fat - usually fish with fish . Its characteristic feature is a short Italian , forming pleasant to touch a nap. Suede is a soft and delicate material. It is used for the production of more expensive gloves, shoes and other fashion items .


is a variation of rough skin , to make it applicable lamb and sheep skin . As in the case of suede, is subjected to machining the inner side of the skin , but is used herein otherwise processing - using chromium salt tanning properties .


like velor , also is chrome tanned . In contrast to the suede or suede, which are produced on the inner side of the skin, nubuck formed by gentle polishing faces - that is the outer side. Nubuck has a delicate and short Italian .

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