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'Portland' Travel Bag Vintage, leather, tan, XL Vintage, calfskin

681.00 zł

Shipment:14 days
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Travelbag withbeautifulglazedgenuine leatherwithcontrast stitching*. Spaciousmain compartment, fleece,closedstrong,doublezipperplusbelt.Inside pocketwith zipper. Rolledleatherhandles. Shoulder strapwith buckle, made ofsmooth leather.

* Skinsubjectedto a specialtreatment, whichowes itsluster.Thanks to himis not onlylessdull,butalsomore smoothanddurable.The process ofglazingis usedmainly forskinproneto destructionduringeveryday use..

Material: genuine leather
Color: light brown
Dimensions (LxHxW): ca. 57 x26 x32cm
Strap:Yes (97 cm)
Interior: single chamber
Kiesznie: outside / inside
Delivery: 10-14 days

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