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'Vintage Traveller REGULAR' 24" Large Distress Leather Duffle Bag Travel Bag

649.11 zł

Producer price: 1100.00

Shipment:14 days
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Vintage Handmade Goat Leather travell bag. Soft old Leather. Brushed with mustard oil for long life and durability.

Not Artificially colored. Hand Stitched. Double Adjustable Shoulder strap with Padded Handel. Tote Handle. One Front and Two Side Pockets With Buckle Closer. Flap With Buckle Closer. Genuine authentic metal hardware. 100% Goat Leather Beautiful piece of art. Amazing quality in craftsmanship. Leathertannedinthe traditional manner.Dyedusing onlynatural ingredients suchassaffron,indigoandpoppy seeds.Due to the factthat theproduct is madeof leather, feltis hernaturalscent thatdisappearsduring use.Comes in 3 sizes, Regular, Extra Large and Mega

Material: goat leather
Dimensions (L/ Diameter):22 x9inch (+/ - 2)
Interior: single chamber
Countrydating: Pakistan
Delivery:12-20 days


100% genuine goat leather

Ages gracefully and softens with use

Handcrafted by experienced artisans in India

Eco Friendly

Weather Resistant

Tanned using natural ingredients

1 pocket on the outside front of the bag.

2 pockets on the side of the bag.

Zippered pocket inside the flap

2 Additional straps to close the flap and secure the bags closure.

2 Adjustable shoulder straps with comferter

2 Hand straps

Quality Brass fittings and zippers

Extremely sturdy - use of canvas lining inside for great durability

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